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Useful Links

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National Association of Student Councils
(check out "Student Council Project Ideas")

California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA)
(tons of useful information, especially in the "Leadership Teacher" section)

Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils
(check out "Advisor Info" and "Resources")

Michigan Association of Student Councils
(explore their "Student Leadership Hall of Ideas")

Canadian Association of Student Activity Advisors
(visit the "Idea Share Shop" in their "Resources" section)

Washington Activity Coordinators Association
(lots of good ideas in their "Idea Share" section)

DifferenceMakers, Ltd.
(The "Original" Mike Smith's site with lots of useful information in the "Swap Shop/Great Ideas" section)

Party Game Central
(find games that fit your needs using their checklist)

Spirit Works
(order "Spirit Works - Turn It On")

Alliance for Student Activities
(an important resource for advisors and sponsors
of co-curricular programs)

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